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CompassionIsMyPassion Presents: 
An Evening with Project Child Save

Saturday, September 9. 2017
The Vault Theatre at Collaboraction Studios 
The Flat Iron Arts Building
1579 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago


Featuring:  A conversation with Ty Ritter of Project Child Save, the musical artistry of The Babin Brothers and an amazing Silent Auction.

$50.00 ticket donation.
100% of proceeds go to Project Child Save.
Tickets not available at the door.

Project Child Save

Project Child Save is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping prevent child abductions and kidnapping through education and public awareness campaigns. When these heinous acts are perpetrated against our children, Project Child Save, through its international network, finds these abducted innocents who have been taken against their will and sold into slavery, and retrieves them, returning them to their loved ones. 

Project Child Save is the continuation of lifetime of effort by Ty Ritter and other professionals in security and protection services. Ritter has worked for years in kidnap recovery and kidnap prevention. To date, Ritter and his team have recovered over five hundred kidnap victims from countries all over the world. Over half of the victims were children taken by strangers and sold into sexual slavery. Project Child Save has been established as a non-profit organization in order to raise funds so that Ty and his team can continue their efforts and save as many children as possible.