Born out of the responsibility to give back to our community, we are committed to taking action that will transform and alleviate suffering. We will be the broker of solutions. 

As we grow our network, we will be in a position to network with other non-profits and unite under our mission of compassion to solve problems on a larger scale.


Board of Directors
Manuela Guidi -President
Bob Talan -Vice President
Laura Mulopulos -Secretary
William Ovca -Treasurer

Susan Babin
Karen Bogard

Cimin Ahmadi-Cohen
Ed Cohen

Mike Curcio
Sandra Delgado
Shane Dubow

Manuela Guidi
Nancy Lynch
Laura Mulopulos
Anthony Moseley
Sunny Neater-Dubow

William Ovca
John Pierre
Sam Porretta
Ania Sodziak
Bob Talan

Phyllis Varon
Laura Wellbank-Good

Special thanks
Alisa Wolfson - lead design
Andrea Bettinardi - design
Eric Ravenstein - website


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COMPASSIONISMYPASSION is a non-profit charitable organization
IRS 501(c )(3) TAX ID # 45-3954477

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